Welcome Cabinetmakers

If you find yourself on this page, then you must be a cabinetmaker, or maybe you see yourself as an Entrepreneur, running the business rather than working in the business, but either way, you chose the Cabinetmaker option (red pill) rather than the Cabinet Seeker option (blue pill), so you came to this page of my website seeking to understand how True32 Custom Cabinetry might relate to you as a custom cabinetry manufacturer, not as someone seeking to purchase cabinetry.

True32 Custom Cabinetry Website Template

The first and most obvious way this website might be relevant to you is that this website itself is the template I use to jump start websites for custom cabinet manufacturers. If you manufacture frameless-full access-FrameZERO cabinetry, then you could benefit from having a website based on the True32 Custom Cabinetry website template. For those that are new to True32 FrameZERO cabinetry, just having seed photos of beautiful work in your Gallery is of great benefit (until you can replace them with your own photos). For those that have been manufacturing FrameZERO cabinetry for a long time, you would simply replace the supplied images with your own before launch.

This True32 Website Template is unique in many ways, but first and foremost, this 3rd generation template (the first was based on HTML, the second on WordPress) is based on the open source ERP system odoo. If you are not familiar with odoo, a simple Google search will reveal that odoo could potentially replace all your current software applications that are not directly related to Design and Manufacturing code generation and/or cutlisting. odoo could replace your website, your accounting package (AR, AP, Payroll, Time Tracking), your CRM (if you have one), your Contacts app, Project Management, Maintenance, eLearning, Social Marketing, Email Marketing, even your email client and so many more. 

ERP simply means Enterprise Resource Planning (which the vast majority of cabinet manufacturers DO NOT NEED, and in the recent past, typically could not afford). odoo has change all that by making ERP software affordable and assessable to the small shop when they are ready. An odoo website could be your gateway to exploiting the riches odoo holds for manufacturers.

The second way this True32 Website Template is unique, is it is really, really easy to edit or change. Unlike the HTML websites of the past, and even the WordPress websites that are so common today, odoo's building block (a lot like Lego) approach makes adding, removing and editing existing blocks about as easy as it can get. 

Website Options

Some of you will just want a simple website, and could care less about the True32 elements or being a Certified True32 Custom Cabinetry Manufacturer (and being listed on the Locations page), but just don't want to start from scratch and/or like the idea of starting down the odoo path. Removing the True32 elements is fast and easy, so you could be up and running in a matter of hours or days depending on how much you want me to do, and how much you are willing to do yourself (and how full our calendars are).

Some of you are at the stage of your business development that you know ERP is the natural next step for your business, or you want to implement eCommerce for some or all of your products. For you, this is the best "first step" into the odoo ecosystem, and will allow you to wade in rather then jump in head first. I won't even attempt to make the transition from a disconnected multi-app system (QuickBooks, Trello, Notion, Asana, WordPress + Plugins, etc., etc., etc.) to an ERP system that is fully integrated sound EASY. It's NOT! It's not fast, and it's not easy, so the most logical way to proceed for most is to do it incrementally, over time. My switch for True32 Corporation took 500 man hours to move from a WooCommerce webstore on WordPress, and from a completely disconnected QuickBooks accounting (every webstore transaction had to be manually reproduced in QuickBooks) to an odoo eCommerce website that was fully integrated with my accounting, so all accounting is the byproduct of someone purchasing something on my eCommerce store. Add to that all the odoo automations, and you will save hours of precious time every week or month (and remove some of the redundancy that sucks time from our lives).

Some of you love the idea of building on the systematic approach the True32 system takes, and the organic SEO that comes with all True32 Custom Cabinetry websites being linked together by the Locations page. For you, the implementation of the website will be super easy (I simply replace every instance of True32 Custom Cabinetry with your company name, and the True32 Custom Cabinetry logo with your logo). Typically a website can go from order to implementation in under a week (totally dependent on what else I have going on). But, this option is for Certified Manufacturers only, so you must either be a member in good standing of the GoodProfitGroup or purchase and complete the True32 Certified Manufacturer course.